Wildlife Areas

Falk Wells Wildlife AreaCounty Wildlife Areas are sites designated by the Dane County Park Commission as open to public hunting (all types), and other activities such as fishing, hiking and cross country skiing. Trapping is only allowed on sites that are required to be open for hunting and trapping by the WDNR Knowles Nelson Stewardship Program. Lands closed to trapping are identified on the wildlife area maps below.

The sites are boundary-signed with Dane County Parks Hunting Area signs:

  • Entering Hunting Area (green letters, white background)
  • Leaving Hunting Area or Private Lands (red letters, white background)
  • Closed Area, No Shooting Area (near buildings that may be occupied)
  • Crop Field - Do Not Enter Until Harvested

All Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources hunting rules apply.  Each site may have specific restrictions for use based on location to residential areas, endangered resources and other issues that have been identified in a planning process.  Any additional special hunting rules or regulations will be printed on the Wildlife Area site maps. Wildlife Area site maps and special hunting rules will also be posted at designated public parking areas at each site.

If you have any questions regarding a County Wildlife Area, please call our office at 608-224-3730 for more information.  
Please visit the Parks Hunting webpage for more information on hunting.